To start your Better Banking account, you will need to:

  • ✅ Be 18 years old or older

  • ✅ Hold a bank account with a U.S. financial institution

  • ✅ A valid US phone number

  • ✅ A valid SSN

  • ✅ A valid U.S. physical residential address

How to Apply

  1. Click the "Join our community" button on the mobile app

  2. Enter your phone number and then click next

  3. Verify your phone number

  4. Enter your First Name, Last Name & Email

  5. Enter your Address

  6. Create a password

  7. Scroll to view Community Safety Net benefits and then click the blue "complete your application" button

  8. To verify eligibility, click the tick boxes and link your "primary bank account"

  9. You will reach a congratulatory screen, confirming your eligibility for a Better Banking account (if you're denied, you can still request our team for access)

  10. Choose the color of your debit card (jet black or sizzling red)

  11. Enter Identity credentials (SSN & Date of Birth)

  12. Review your application.

Your Better Banking Account is now active! 💫

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